Leaves 'n Trees Get Outdoors (G.O.) Bag

Type: Get Outdoors (G.O.) Nature Activity Bags
Price: $30.00


Brand new family-fun item! "Leaves 'n Trees" junior nature kit in a commemorative bag for your budding naturalist!  (G.O. Bags are appropriate for ages 6 and up.)

Several leaves and trees activity items are included in an originally-designed Wehr Adventure Awaits string backpack. Items include: "Love Your Parks" sticker, string backpack w/logo, Golden Guides "Trees" book, plant press, Tree cookie activity w/3 wooden tree "cookies" (sizes and shapes will vary from photo), magnifying lens, "The Life of a Tree" Bingo, "My Leaf Book" for leaf rubbings, Estimating Tree Age activity w/tape measure, Why Do Leaves Change Color? activity, "Fun With Leaves" stencil book, "Crayola Fall Colors" book, Tree Identification Bingo and freebie "Forest Trees of Wisconsin" DNR tree ID booklet. (Items may vary due to availability; substitutions will be of equal value.)

Your child can “Wehr” their G.O. (Get Outdoors) bag as they enjoy completing our virtual walk, Nature GO! Activities and other fun challenges. See more details on those activities here: https://friendsofwehr.org/wehr-adventure-challenge-adventurer

Delivery options are either curbside pickup (please email members@friendsofwehr.org to coordinate), or USPS Priority Mail. Shipping and handling time is 5-7 days, but due to Covid, shipping times may take longer. We’ll do our best to get your G.O. bag to you quickly! You can take pride in your purchase, knowing you’re a supporter of Wehr’s educational programs and mission.





















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