Spout/Spile ~ Maple Tapping Supplies

Type: Maple Tapping Supplies & Products
Price: $5.99
Availability: Usually ships within 10 business days.


Tap your own maple tree and make homemade maple syrup with our tapping supplies!    


This hookless maple tapping spout (also called a spile) is made of sturdy aluminum and is perfect for use with our sap sacks and sack holders.  Buy the spout separately as needed, or you can buy the spout, sack and sack holder all together here:  Maple Tapping Kit.  (This store listing is for the spile/spout only, $5.99 each.)  


Delivery options are either curbside pickup (please email members@friendsofwehr.org to coordinate after purchase), or USPS Priority Mail. Shipping and handling time is 5-7 days, but due to Covid, shipping times may take longer. We’ll do our best to get your tapping supplies to you quickly! You can take pride in your purchase, knowing you’re a supporter of Wehr’s educational programs and mission.









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